About us

Who we are...

We are a family run UK business, built upon 25 years experience of technology sales, product management & marketing, and business development.

What we do...

We help people to create income, freedom, and lifestyle choices by embracing digital opportunities, delivered through eLearning, mentoring (1-2-1 and group workshops), and consultancy solutions.

What makes us different?

All our products have been created through hands-on experience so that we can deliver a credible and approachable solution.  We understand our clients – because we have been there too and we know the frustrations of trying to escape the so-called “9 to 5”.  We have tried and tested numerous 3rd party products, solutions, systems, and software, and then some more! in order to make sure that our own products are filtered to provide no-nonsense and efficient solutions, saving you time and money.

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